Accessing New Markets with Braille

Mike Hambly lost his vision in a car accident over ten years ago. Since then, he has developed a personal understanding of the importance of being able to access the printed word and as a result started a home-based business called Braille It.

Braille It adds braille characters – a tactile alphabet consisting of raised dots embossed on a page designed for the blind to read – to existing business cards so they become a marketing tool for reaching the blind community. Not only does braille allow business cards to be read by more people, it transforms existing business cards into a unique, accessible marketing tool that stands out from the others. Braille It also provides transcription services to convert documents such as newsletters into braille.

Even though Hambly is totally blind, technology allows him to use computers. He uses screen reader software that reads everything that is on the screen out loud using keystrokes. His dot-ca website is designed to be accessible to blind visitors and the Internet allows him to connect with businesses who want to add braille to their marketing materials.

This profile is part of CIRA’s Tell us Your Dot-ca Story contest which asked entrants to describe how they use their dot-ca domain name. More than 4,000 entries were submitted by dot-ca domain name Registrants across Canada and Frocks was one of the winners.