According to Founder, Rogers Doesn’t Have a Digital Media Strategy

Last week Techvibes reported that Rogers Digital Media was shuttering eight of its websites, including Rogers informed employees of the decision in an email yesterday and Rogers’ own Marketing Magazne reported the news.

Today the Founder of writes in the Globe and Mail about how Rogers digital acquistion strategy is a big “fail.”

According to founder Joanna Track (pictured), although Rogers had gone blazing into the market acquiring digital properties, “there seemed to be no thought or foresight about how to integrate them into its (behemoth) system.”

It would be an understatement to say that the company’s digital strategy has not performed well. It doesn’t appear to have had a digital strategy. As mediums and methods of content consumption continue to evolve and converge, Rogers still seems unsure how to have its Digital and Publishing groups work together (the fact these are still two distinct groups speaks volumes).

While Track clearly can’t be objective on a topic so close to home, her post-mortem guest column should be of interest to startups Canada-wide that dream of being acquired by behemoths like Rogers.

So I will turn my heartbreak into gratitude and thank the folks at Rogers for reminding me that bigger doesn’t always mean better, and that you can kill a business but you can never kill the entrepreneurial spirit.

Joanna affirms that her web property was “a sweet success.” Rogers, clearly, saw it quite differently. Perhaps Rogers should stick to healthcare.