AccuWeather Acquires Montreal’s Sky Motion

AccuWeather announced today that it has acquired Montreal’s Sky Motion Research, a developer of ultra-short-term and highly localized weather forecasts.

With this acquisition, AccuWeather can now offer more accurate, minute-by-minute weather predictions, including precipitation start and end times, at a hyperlocal level.

MinuteCast, a minute-by-minute forecast solution will be made available on all of AccuWeather’s mobile applications including iOS, Android, and Windows, as well as its websites.

“With AccuWeather’s introduction of the new MinuteCast, we will now offer the most accurate minute-by-minute forecast available in the market,” said Dr. Joel N Myers, AccuWeather Founder and President. “MinuteCast will provide our customers with a critical and valuable decision-making tool.”

Sky Motion pioneered the development of proprietary nowcasting technology that uses algorithms invented by Sky Motion Founder and Chief Technology Officer, André LeBlanc to track every rain cloud’s movement in real-time.

The technology also tracks other weather variables such as wind and temperature and integrates ground observations to create a hyper-local forecast for approximately every half square mile, refreshing every five minutes.

As part of the acquisition, Sky Motion’s Montreal facilities will be added to AccuWeather’s suite of offices and LeBlanc will continue as an AccuWeather executive along with his software engineering resources.