ACETECH delivers heavily-subsidized program for Tech Startups

Are you a first time CEO or founder worried about how to take your new technology to market? On behalf of the Discovery Foundation Education Program, ACETECH is delivering a Market Entry Program for very early stage technology companies.

Taught by Ralph Turfus, the program provides a structured process and one-on-one mentoring from an experienced technology CEO to help you get to market faster with less risk. The program includes:

  • 3 full-day interactive, educational sessions ( April 13th, May 11th, and June 9th)
  • 3 one-on-one mentoring sessions with an experienced technology CEO (one session per month – April to June – to be scheduled with the mentor)

You leave with:

  • A completed positioning statement and value proposition
  • A strategy to go to market
  • Priorities identified to achieve early adopter customers
  • Training to sell to early adopters
  • Actionable tools and templates
  • Access to contacts and resources

The program leader, Ralph Turfus, is the founder and past CEO of Class Software, a company he grew to 130 employees over 28 years and sold in 2004 as sole shareholder. Ralph has invested in more than 60 tech companies and he’s seen patterns emerge between those who succeed and those who fail. He is a recognized leader in the BC technology industry as a member of the Premiers Technology Council and the leader of the ACETECH Growth Strategy Program.

The Market Entry Program is valued at $1,795 however the cost to participate is only $295 as $1,500 is subsidized by the Discovery Foundation Education Program.

If you’re interested, the application deadline is April 2nd but apply online now as there are only 20 spots available.