Acquisio integrates ad management platform with Google Analytics

Management software provider Acquisio announced today at SES Toronto a “full integration between the Acquisio SEARCH ad management platform and Google Analytics,” which is of course the world’s most popular web analytics solution. The Google Analytics Connector, built into Acquisio SEARCH, lets marketers “view, analyze and report” on their Google Analytics data within the Acquisio SEARCH platform. The integration is the first of its kind between Google Analytics and an ad management software platform.

Acquisio SEARCH’s Google Analytics Connector makes use of the Google API to pull metrics information from Google Analytics into Acquisio SEARCH, where it can be combined with other information to create a variety of metrics previously unmeasured without “tedious and error-prone calculations.” Because of the integration, advertisers can now measure campaign effectiveness and ROI based on an additional 150 metrics.

Metrics that Acquisio SEARCH automatically calculates include: Cost per transaction, Cost per visit, Cost per page view, Pageviews per click, Revenue per click, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost per Goal (1 to 20).

“For marketers who have struggled and spent hours creating workarounds to get Google Analytics’ detailed statistics into your existing pay-per-click reports, the Google Analytics Connector will be a lifesaver,” said Marc Poirier, Chief Marketing Officer of Acquisio. “Acquisio SEARCH customers can now access and work with Google Analytics data without ever needing to leave our platform. Having all of this deep information in one place gives marketers a huge competitive advantage, and also means a sizable time savings when it comes to campaign management and reporting.”

The Google Analytics Connector incorporates every metric from an advertiser’s Google Analytics profile and maps it to keywords and ads in associated PPC campaigns. Additionally, it now features a large selection of calculated columns designed to provide “deep analysis.” Marketers can add single or multiple Google Analytics profiles to their Acquisio SEARCH accounts, and it will automatically encode the URLs of any new keywords you add to your Google Analytics campaigns through the Acquisio SEARCH platform.