Active Conversion starts day two at Banff Venture Forum

Fred Yee kicked off the day’s presentation describing about he’s passionate about reducing marketing waste.

Active Conversion is a Calgary company who’s value proposition is to generate, manage and convert leads for your website. It provides sales intelligence on who is visiting your website and what size of company they come from.They have existing partnerships with Jigsaw, Vertical Response and Sales Force. A big differentiation between Active COnversion and their competitors is that Active Conversion chooses to partner with email marketing tools instead of trying to displace them. This makes it easy for customers to integrate Active Conversion with tools they already use.

It’s current customers are early adopters in the market place (including my company…I’m a big fan of their daily reports). They use Active Conversion to optimize their company’s marketing and sales resources for B2B e-commerce.

The company has been around since 2004 and was founded by Fred Yee and Ray Yip.