ActiveConversion introduces ActiveProspects

B2B Marketing Automation company ActiveConversion announced yesterday the launch of ActiveProspects – a free web-based marketing tool that identifies companies visiting your website. ActiveProspects takes advantage of Jigsaw‘s newly announced developer integration platform allowing users to pursue leads for the visiting companies.

“The majority of salespeople want to know when they’re getting interest from a potential prospect”, said Fred Yee, President and Founder. “ActiveProspects does just that for free and is deeply integrated with Jigsaw’s database of 16M complete business contacts, literally putting an end to ‘cold calling’ as we know it by allowing sales reps to easily find and contact buyers that are interested in their products and services.”

Calgary-based ActiveConversion has been Jigsaw Partner since they first introduced their marketing automation solution integrated with Jigsaw Data at’s 2007 Dreamforce Conference.