AcuityAds the First Canadian RTB Platform Directly Integrated with Facebook Exchange

AcuityAds has become one of a few companies that now has access to Facebook Exchange and will begin offering this inventory to clients immediately.

FBX allows marketers to purchase Facebook advertising on an individual impression basis through real-time bidding, and Acuity’s technology will enable marketers to “achieve exceptional audience reach and scale through this platform,” according to the Toronto-based company.

Through directly integrating with FBX, Acuity can now provide marketers with the quality and scale available through Facebook, and enable them to optimize their campaign performance using Acuity’s advanced RTB platform. Acuity is also providing marketers with the opportunity to purchase Facebook inventory more cost-effectively by buying ad units using RTB technology.

With FBX, Acuity says its clients will see their RTB campaigns achieve “vastly expanded reach.”

“We see direct integration with FBX as a big step for our company, as we are now joining an exclusive group of online advertising technologies,” says Tal Hayek, CEO and Founder of AcuityAds. “One of our primary goals is to provide our clients with the absolute best performance possible across all available digital marketing channels and this connection to FBX goes a long way to help us do that.”