ADG Investor Briefing in Calgary

Stephen King introduced us to Henry Kutarna and Alberta Deal Generator (ADG) last month over coffee in Calgary and I had the pleasure to talk to ADG Edmonton’s Ken Gordon today about their new education initiative. ADG is launching a series of exclusive briefings designed to provide their members with information, ideas and tools to help improve the chances of their angel investments paying off. These information sessions will feature insights into industry trends, investment trends, diligence tools, best practices, and deal structure. While the sessions are exclusively for ADG investor members, you still have time to become a member.

Their first event takes place on March 26th in Calgary and features Dr. Basil Peters, CEO of Fundamental Technologies II, a successful Vancouver-based angel fund. Few people in Canada have thought and written as deeply and broadly as Peters on the subject of how to structure angel deals to be win-win deals for angels, entrepreneurs and investors in subsequent rounds. Peters will share his experience and enthusiasm with ADG members.

Conversely, if you’re an Alberta-based technology start-up and would like to present your business opportunity to the ADG investor network, you can apply here. ADG is a joint venture of Calgary Technologies and TECEdmonton.