AdHack evolving into an Ad Marketplace

To celebrate Canada Day, Vancouver startup AdHack launched a new version of their site yesterday. The new site marks two bigs steps in the evolution of the People-Powered Advertising solution.

For the nerds out there, AdHack migrated from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6.

For everyone else, AdHack has added features to help both ad buyers and ad creators rock their respective businesses.

AdHack users will now notice two feedback mechanisms – Cred and Badges. Cred is simply reputation currency that you build up by doing good work. Badges are virtual badges that are displayed in your portfolio as rewards for achieveing milestones (selling an ad, etc.) on AdHack.

Most importantly, AdHack has moved yet another step closer to their ulitmate vision of being a marketplace for advertising creative. The new AdHack also includes more information on ads – media types, industry categories, location information, “For Sale” status, pricing, and client & product info to help match ads to the right buyers.

AdHack is part of the inaugural intake at Bootup Labs and is set to graduate in September 2009. Stay tuned.