AdHack Shows Us The Balls: The Sequel is Done

Do you remember the crowdsourcing campaign for Show Us Your Balls by Vancouver startup Adhack?  How can you forget?  It was brilliant and creative.  It was designed to show off Adhack’s people-powered advertising platform. The Web/TV commercial Show Us Your Balls was crowdsourced to Vancouverites and a lucky (and very creative) writer got the chance to complete the sequel script to the series. 

Drumroll, please because now the sequel contest is finished and we have a winner!  Ren Wilson’s submission won over the Adhack folk and for good reason.  The 2.10 video is hilarious–yes it is, so be sure to check it out.  While you’re at it, you can even download the song in the video, I Want Your Body for a Disco Party.  How about them balls?