Adobe Brings Creative Cloud to Wrist with Apple Watch Apps

Adobe is bringing its Creative Cloud to your wrist with Apple Watch apps.

No, you won’t be able to Magic Wand high-resolution photographs from your wrist, but the company announced this week that apps for Behance and CC will be available for Apple’s freshly released smartwatch.

“Imagine if you could channel all the creative productivity lost from checking your phone hundreds of times a day into a new project—what would you create?” ponders David Macy, Director of Mobile Product Marketing for Adobe. “We certainly expect Adobe customers—some of the most creative people on the planet—to be early adopters of the Apple Watch.”

Adobe is launching three Watch apps: Behance, Adobe Color CC, and Creative Cloud.

The new release of Behance app for iPhone makes interaction with updates frictionless, bringing users’ Inbox, Notifications, My Work, and Nearby directly to their Apple Watch. Adobe Color CC will allow users to capture colour themes by geography. And the Cloud app will let users monitor activity on shared Creative Cloud files, view and reply to comments on a file, accept or decline invitations to collaborate, and more. 

Check out the apps here.