Adobe Edge Offers Non-Programmers the Ability to Create Web and Mobile Experiences

Adobe has had a bold strategy in place in the past year to allow the average Internet developer to build simple web and mobile experiences. That’s what the power of more data storage for users in the “Creative Cloud” has enabled them to do.                      

PhoneGap, a tool that was acquired by Adobe last year offers mobile app developers to build HTML5 applications for all mobile operating systems at once. That’s beyond building native, device specific applications.

Adobe Edge will include PhoneGap. The tool has finally been taken out of beta. With Edge, developers will be able to use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Developers can add on their own layers of code to enhance the functionalities of what they publish to the web and mobile devices.

Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch also says the company is releasing “Animate,” which is a motion and interaction design tool that allows users to bring animated content to the web. And Adobe Edge “Reflow” will address the challenging field of responsive design.

“We are excited to put a powerful new set of HTML5 tools into the hands of Web designers and developers and can’t wait to experience the beautiful websites, digital content and mobile apps they’ll create,” said Danny Winokur, vice president and general manager, interactive development at Adobe. “We are passionate about enabling creative people to do anything they can imagine with Web technologies, which is why we’re contributing to the web platform and making the Edge Tools and Services available for free, including the first release of Edge Animate.” 

Adobe Edge also comes with “Inspect,” which allows users to preview work on mobile devices, “Code” which allows users to insert code, “TypeKit” which gives access to high quality fonts, and “Web Fonts” which gives access to a growing number of open-source fonts on websites and apps.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is also available as a single edition for $395 with a subscription to the Creative Cloud. Users will be able to use InDesign CS6 with that. Adobe’s Creative Cloud now has over 90,000 subscriptions and is expected to continue growing as of late August.

Keep in mind that designers and developers may be able to find more specialized and cheaper tools in the Google Apps Marketplace or elsewhere on the web.

Still, Adobe is doing something great. They are offering non-programmers an ability to create in an increasing number of ways.