Adobe is Killing Flash for Android Next Month

When Apple visionary Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, and later the iPad, without support for Adobe’s seemingly ubiquitous Flash technology, critics lashed out, saying he had gone too far with his wildly futuristic idea of the web. Some went so far as to suggest a lack of Flash support would be the iPhone and iPad’s undoing.

Five years later, 250 million iPhone sales have generated $150 billion in revenue for Apple, all without Flash.

And now Adobe, after alluding to defeat last November, has made the death of Flash for Google Android devices official. The company will end all support for Flash with Android 4.1.

However, Android users will be able to use Flash normally with any version of the OS before that—and considering the platform is incredibly fragmented, hardly anyone even uses 4.0 yet, so this will be an extremely gradual transition. Still, the announcement from Adobe is a hallmark moment unto itself.

Flash will be pulled from the Google Play Store on August 15, so if you don’t have it downloaded on your Android device, get it while you can.