Adobe says it doesn’t need iPad’s support, and Apple products don’t seem to need Flash

vsOnce a power couple, they’ll soon be citing the celebrity standard divorce reason, “irreconcilable differences.”

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen spoke to the Telegraph, delving into why he’s moved on from that drama, and how the company has brought Flash to other mobile platforms.

We believe in open systems. We believe in the power of the Internet and in customers making choices. And I think a lot of the controversy was about their decision at that point. They’ve made their choice. We’ve made ours and we’ve moved on.

It’s a business decision. With the energy and innovation that our company has, we’d rather focus on people who want to deliver the best experience with Flash and there are so many of them.”

Adobe has released Flash 10.1 for Google Android users and it’s working on versions for Palm WebOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, etc. It’s working closely Motorola, HTC, Google, Palm, and HP.

In April, Apple CEO Steve Jobs penned his famously bold open letter, Thoughts on Flash, which tears apart Adobe’s software. But the lack of Flash clearly hasn’t hurt the iPad – it surpassed 3 million units sold at the end of June. iPhones are also breaking record sales and iPods are still selling strong, too.

Who do you side with, Adobe or Apple?