Adoption of Cloud Computing Grows but Obstacles Remain, Report Finds

Adoption of cloud computing continues to grow globally, according to a recent research report from EMC Corporation, with the hybrid cloud being the most popular option.

However, 35% of executives believe their organization doesn’t have the right level of skills and knowledge to achieve key business priorities, while 69% of respondents believe training IT staff to keep pace with the implications of megatrends such as cloud, mobile, and big data will be a challenge for their organization over the next couple years.

Still, evidence for increasing adoption is undeniable: hybrid cloud adoption has grown 9% since 2013, with 27% uptake across the globe, driven, among other factors, by the fact that 74% believe that increasing automation in their infrastructure is imperative to business growth, according to EMC.

“Enterprise IT continues to be under massive pressure to improve quality of service while reducing cost,” says Jeremy Burton, President, Products and Marketing, EMC Corporation. “As a result, companies are moving toward more advanced levels of IT infrastructure driven by innovation such as hybrid cloud. We expect this uptake to continue in 2015 as companies look for agile, simple, and secure services.”

But obstacles remain. While organizations are moving increasingly online, only 16% of respondents would be willing to host any application on a public cloud, especially financial planning and human capital management apps.

“This survey shows that IT decisions makers around the globe are adopting a common vision for the future of IT,” Josh Kahn, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions, EMC Corporation, says. “First, the vast majority believe technology will create a competitive advantage as more and more business moves online. Second, there is a conviction that IT must become an in-house provider of on-demand services to truly enable the business. And finally, that the best way to improve agility and security is to combine public and private clouds in IT service offerings.”

Developed markets with more advanced IT economies lead the charge for cloud adoption, while emerging markets appear to be more risk averse with lower levels of cloud uptake overall, according to EMC’s data.