Aeroplan Partners with Toronto’s HigherEdPoints to Innovate Loyalty Program for Students

A new partnership between Aeroplan and HigherEdPoints will bring innovation to the space of loyalty rewards programs.

Aeroplan’s partnership with the Toronto-based startup—which was founded by Suzanne Tyson, a former Air Miles executive—aims to let collectors convert points into credits that can be used against university tuition.

Aeroplan was receptive to the idea when HigherEdPoints pitched it because the offering is distinctly different from competing programs. As an early adopter of the Canadian startup’s product, Aeroplan will enjoy temporary exclusivity before competing reward operators are able to participate.

But signing programs is only one half of the battle—the other half is signing up schools. So far, only the University of New Brunswick and Centennial College in Toronto are participating. However, HigherEdPoints says several more will be added soon.

According to HigherEdPoints, 35,000 miles can be exchanged for a $250 tuition credit, which is lower financial value per Aeroplan reward mile than many other options.

Vancouver-based web design and development agency SplitMango build the web interface for HigherEdPoints. “We considered ourselves extremely fortunate to have worked with David Miller and the entire SplitMango team”, says Suzanne Tyson, founder of HigherEdPoints.

“This wasn’t an easy project as the website requires sophisticated points of integration with other technology providers. David was on the cutting edge of all the technology required. Without him, we would have been looking at a much longer implementation timeline. Canadian students will benefit from SplitMango’s incredible contribution to this project.”