Aeryon Labs UAV wins TiEQuest 2009 Award

Waterloo based Aeryon Labs recently won [PDf] the TiEQuest Business Venture Competition for their unmanned aerial vehicle. The company was presented with the Award at the TiEQuest Awards Gala Dinner at the Toronto Board of Trade. Aeryon labs invention was chosen from over 200 entrepreneurs from 29 North American cities. The company received the Ontario Entrepreneurship Trophy, a cash prize, and interest from two venture capital firms looking to invest a total of two million dollars.

The Aeryon Scout is shaped like a four leaf clover, operates silently and takes of and lands vertically. It can operate in confined spaces indoors and outdoors, making the Scout ideal for covert operations in urban environments. The UAV has a range of 3KM and a max altitude of 500M. The Aeryon Scout is controlled by computer from the ground and streams high resolution video and photos to its operator. The Scout has great potential for military, police, security, media and emergency operations. If the cost of this thing ever plummets it would also make a great RC toy.