AGORACOM: Investor Relations 2.0

Small-Cap Publicly traded companies (under $100 million) struggle to get their story out to prospective investors. With major media covering the Big Boys, these small-cap businesses needed a a way to reach investors other than with traditional one-to-one communication. Which usually amounted to answering the same questions and delivering the same message to the same limited audience over and over again.

Enter AGORACOM, a Toronto-based investor relations (IR) firm that knew there had to be a better way and looked to the Web to change the way IR is delivered. AGORACOM is a Web 2.0 online marketplace and forum for the small-cap investment community. Through the use of dedicated communities, blogging, webcasting, podcasting and other Web 2.0 tools, AGORACOM fills an information void created by the lack of small-cap coverage in mainstream media.

Small-Cap public companies, shareholders and prospective shareholders amalgamate for the purposes of communicating in a monitored and secure environment free of the bashing, hyping, and spam that have plagued online small-cap communities for years.

AGORACOM may be on to something. More than 95% of their revenue comes from over 300 public companies via annual contracts and they provide exclusive small-cap content to Yahoo! Finance, AOL Finance, Globe Investor, and RIM.