AideRSS Demos New Blog Discovery Engine Post Rank

Waterloo based AideRSS is gearing up for the launch of its new blog discovery engine PostRank. The newest version of PostRank filters and ranks blog posts in real time and enables users to efficiently access the most relevant information from their favorite sites. I will be doing a full review of PostRank in the coming days when the beta is released; a full release is no more then a couple weeks away.

Top content is rated based on comments, Diggs, Tweets, and other ratings from over a dozen social media sites. The unique real time rating system not only allows users to discover great new content but also gives publishers the ability to monitor the impact of their content over the entire blogosphere.

All feeds are organized into topics and sub topics allowing users to discover new sites related to their interests. Blog posts and sites tagged by the community and a search function make it easy to find information on any topic.

The best new PostRank feature is the online community. Users can find and follow friend’s and topic expert’s reading lists. If you want to stay up to date on a certain topic just find an expert on the subject and PostRank will automatically follow their reading list. You can even modify it to fit your exact needs, this feature alone can save hours of scouring through traditional search engine results.

PostRank harnesses the social media community’s reactions and ratings to bring the best content to the top of the pile. The website makes it easy to find and organize quality content on any topic. If you do a fair amount of reading online the new PostRank engine will make your life a lot easier.