AideRSS Launches PostRank 2.0

Waterloo-based AideRSS today launched a significantly enhanced version of (we covered the initial launch of PostRank back in July ’08 over here). The AideRSS service has also been re-branded under PostRank. Some of the new features include:

  • Keyword filtering (eg – only display stories with keyword ‘iPhone’)
  • Custom content channels (create channels of feeds on similar topics)
  • Engagement analysis in action (a discovery engine for finding great new sites).
  • Full API access, both on the site and right from within Firefox through an extension. For eg, it can enable you to view the top posts of a site at a glance.

Ilya Grigorik, AideRSS’ Co-founder and Chief Architect, said the following in a brief conversation: “I’m really excited about all the new features, as I think it takes RSS customization to the next level.” Check out the following demo video, and you just might agree with him 🙂