Air Canada a Go Go

The Canadian airline scene has witnessed plenty of changes over the years. Here’s a development that everyone reading this blog will likely welcome.

Illinois-based Aircell announced a couple weeks ago that they were in talks with both Air Canada and Westjet about offering their in-flight broadband service. It turns out discussions with Air Canada were a little farther along.

As early as next year, Air Canada passengers heading to the US west coast will be able to check email and surf the Web using in-flight services. Air Canada will rollout Aircell’s Gogo Wi-Fi system on a handful of its Airbus A319 planes. Air Canada expects the initial deployment to be completed by spring 2009, primarily on west coast-bound flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

American Airlines launched the Gogo Wi-Fi service last month and Peter Ha of CrunchGear was one of the first to live-blog a flight. Let’s hope Air Canada doesn’t make a Rogers-like error when pricing their shiny new service. American Airlines is selling the Gogo Flight Pass for $12.95 – which seems fair considering what travelers expect to pay at hotels and coffee shops.