Alberta International Business Partnering Reception at the Plug and Play Center in Sunnyvale

The Plug and Play Tech Center, along with the Canadian Consulate and the Government of Alberta held a reception last night in Sunnyvale California. The Alberta International Business Partnering Reception consisted of an overview of the Technology landscape in Alberta, presentations from some of the companies involved in the program and some quality networking time.

Attendees learned how Alberta has made substantial investments in research infrastructure and programs that support the advancement of science and commercialization of technology. They also heard about how investment in these programs, combined with the strengths of the Alberta economy have created opportunities for research collaboration, technology partnerships, investment and market development.

Kevin Dahl, from CTI said, “After meeting Saeed and Jupe from Plug and Play and joining Minister Horner’s tour of their facilities, it is clear that there are synergies between our two organizations.  Plug and Play aims to be a focal point in the Silicon Valley community, and we at Calgary Technologies Inc. strive to do the same in Calgary.”

The three companies that presented yesterday at Plug and Play are Omni Technology Solutions, Mobovibo and Teletrips. Describing how the evening went, Trevor Doerksen, CEO of MoboVivo said, “It’s great to get a warm welcome from government, the tech community, and investors in the valley. This network will help us bring MoboVivo myScreens to broadcaster, telco and cable customers.”