Alberta’s K-12 Schools Now Using More Internet Than Universities

Internet usage at 32 of Alberta’s 74 largest K-12 schools has reached historic levels, which experts say is evidence of the growing importance of digital resources and online content in modern classrooms.

In the last quarter, internet consumption by these school authorities (who represent more than half of the province’s K-12 students) using Alberta’s research and education network was 166 terabytes. That is higher than the bandwidth consumed by the Universities of Alberta and Calgary through the same network.

These educators are members of Cybera, a not-for-profit technology agency that operates CyberaNet, Alberta’s ultra high-speed research and education network.

“Helping students in the most remote areas of Alberta to connect to the latest technologies and keep up with their international peers is an important goal for all educators,” says Jaymon Lefebvre, Director of Technology for the Wild Rose School Division.

“More schools are recognizing the benefits of enabling students to use technology as an integral tool in their learning, and we appreciate the support of not-for-profit partners like Cybera to help bring this vision within reach,” he added.

“We have been pleasantly surprised to see the growing use of internet in classrooms, as it is used more and more to collaborate, conduct research, and access content, as well as to hold live webcasts with other classrooms or experts in the field, such as astronauts and doctors,” says Jean-Francois Amiot, Network and Operations Director for Cybera.

“This just shows that if you give educators access to fast, unlimited internet at a price they can afford, you open up a whole new world of learning opportunities,” he added.