Alberta’s PlentyOfSyph parodies Vancouver’s PlentyOfFish (and pisses them off in the process)

“Find the pearl in my bearded clam.” is the result of Alberta’s public health authorities creating a parody of Vancouver’s to essentially scare and disgust the population into engaging in safe intercourse.

The website closely mimics a dating site but every single suffers from symptoms of syphilis and wants to spread the chronic bacterial disease.

It’s well-made and quite funny—but on the West Coast, POF isn’t laughing.

A spokesperson for the tremendously popular Vancouver dating site called the campaign “of poor taste,” noting that POF was “not asked for any sort of consent.” POF expected more “consideration for a brand” they worked so hard to build.

Whether POF takes legal action, or the Alberta health authorities pull the site before then, remains to be seen.

Given the detail that has clearly gone into the site (fake member profiles have YouTube videos and everything), I would anticipate reluctance to pulling the site—but if POF decides to take action, they have a pretty strong case.