Alexander Keith’s Brewing Up Cool Technology Campaigns

I have never heard of augmented reality technology until now.  According to my research,”augmented reality is a composite experience–a video stream merged with a synthetic component and manipulated in real time.” Wired also has a great video example and article about what it is. Perhaps the best explanation is this one: It’s the “first down” line seen in tv broadcasts of football games and the colored trail showing location and direction of the puck on TV broadcasts of hockey games. It’s also used in an app called Bionic Eye on the iPhone.

If this type of technology rocks your boat, then check out this new 3D virtual card from Alexander Keith’s brewing that utilizes the same technology. While Alexander Keith’s birthday might be over (it was October 5th if you missed it), this year, Alexander Keith’s is encouraging beer fans to visit for a chance to win a trip to next year’s birthday bash by viewing the Alexander Keith’s 3D virtual birthday card. 

This is where the augmented reality comes into play. Literally. The virtual birthday card uses an augmented reality technology that allows you to view an amplified, 3D version of the card – by using a webcam and a print out of the Keith’s stag head (available on the website). You can see yourself on the screen as if you are holding the giant birthday card. You can move the card, turn the pages and scroll through the card in order to uncover the contest password hidden within the birthday card. If you don’t have a webcam, you can still participate in the contest by viewing a 2D version of the birthday card. Once the password has been found, you can enter the contest and begin gearing up for Alexander Keith’s 215th birthday.

Cheers to that!

To view the augmented reality card:

1.        Visit
2.        Click on the “Take me there” icon
3.        Click on the “Let’s go 3D” icon
4.        Follow instructions to get started and view the birthday card
5.        Once you’ve unlocked the contest password, enter your details for a chance to a trip to Alexander Keith’s 215th birthday in Halifax