Alicia Keys Takes Global Creative Director Role Seriously, Visits BlackBerry Headquarters

When BlackBerry hired celebrity singer Alicia Keys for the newly created role of global creative director in February, we were skeptical.

Sure, it may have helped BlackBerry’s brand perception slightly. And her “Keep Moving” music project generated some buzz. But was the role real, or just a marketing gimmick? Was she still secretly using her iPhone?

Keys has erased most of our doubts. Yesterday, she topped in Toronto for a concert—which featured BlackBerry product placements and company executives, including chief executive officer Thorsten Heins among the front rows—and while in town, paid BlackBerry’s Waterloo headquarters a visit.

Several BlackBerry employees or immediate family members of said employees tweeted with excitement about her presence. According to one employee, Eric Song, she attended BlackBerry’s company-wide staff meeting on Tuesday.

Her significance to BlackBerry is finally becoming tangible. Whether that lasts, however, remains to be seen.

Photo: Mark Lennihan/Associated Press