Coming to a Second Screen Near You: Mobovivo Lands Big Partner in Alliance Films

Canadian Startup Mobovivo, which specializes in online video mobilization, management and monetization, has landed a major partner: Alliance Films.

The Toronto-based Mobovivo’s newly forged partnership with Alliance will leverage the startup’s web and video app platform to bring movies distributed by Alliance to second screen devices including iPads, smartphones, and laptops.

Alliance Films, which was behind recent box office juggernaut Hunger Games, is now using Mobovivo’s technology to deliver films to audiences alongside leading consumer brands. For example, consumer product packaging for beer, cereal and shampoo are labeled with redemption codes for online movie rentals, thereby increasing viewership, fan engagement and revenue.

“Getting top brands and content to users on their iPads and iPhones is what Alliance and every Hollywood studio needs to do to engage a new breed of fan and consumer,” says Mobovivo founder Trevor Doerksen. “Our technology provides the media industry with a secure, adaptable platform that powers extraordinary brand and revenue growth.”

Mobovivo struck smaller partnership deals earlier this year with 1K Studios and Muse Entertainment.