Amazon Almost Bought RIM, Companies Still in Talks

Online retail behemoth Amazon hired an investment bank in the summer to consider the feasibility of buying RIM, but didn’t end up making an offer, according to Reuters. Citing “people with knowledge of the situation,” Amazon allegedly sought a merger, but RIM sought to fix its problems on its own. It’s worth noting that RIM’s problems have only grown—and considerably so—since then.

RIM and Amazon aren’t commenting on the information leak, but the sources suggest that the two companies are still in talks. RIM has certainly become cheaper and cheaper as its stock continues to free fall.

Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform have thoroughly devoured BlackBerry’s marketshare over the past couple of years, transforming the perception of RIM from an innovative pioneer into a hopeless laggard. In August, Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.