Amazon Reveals Which Canadian Cities Pamper Their Pets the Most

Amazon this week released new data that looks at which cities in Canada pamper their pets the most.

After compiling sales data of all pet item sales since the launch of the Pets store in Canada in March, Amazon found that Regina was the biggest pet-pampering city, followed by Vancouver and Saskatoon.

According to Amazon, Regina favours its cats and aquatic animals, while Vancouver loves its dogs the most, and is also a popular city for birds. Richmond, BC enjoys the company of reptiles more than any other city in Canada.

“We’re committed to offering our pet-loving customers everything they need to pamper their animal companions—from fish, to dogs, cats and amphibians,” says Andrea Leigh, Senior Manager for “We know our customers love their pets and we hope those who take pride in spoiling their pets will enjoy this fun look at where some of the most devoted pet owners reside.”’s Pet store has more than 180,000 pet items for sale.

Here’s the company’s full list of pet-pampering cities. Ontario leads with eight cities, followed by BC with four.

1. Regina, Saskatchewan

2. Vancouver, British Columbia

3. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

4. Ottawa, Ontario

5. London, Ontario

6. Edmonton, Alberta

7. Calgary, Alberta

8. Winnipeg, Manitoba

9. Gatineau, Quebec

10. Kitchener, Ontario

11. Mississauga, Ontario

12. Markham, Ontario

13. Burnaby, British Columbia

14. Halifax, Nova Scotia

15. Windsor, Ontario

16. Richmond, British Columbia

17. Hamilton, Ontario

18. Laval, Quebec

19. Toronto, Ontario

20. Surrey, British Columbia

Photo: Junie Quiroga