Amazon’s Jeff Barr to visit University of Victoria campus to discuss AWS

Cloud computing.

Some say it’s a mere trend or fad.But most agree it will play a significant role in the future of our increasingly digital society. If you are interested in learning more about it for your own coursework, research, startup, or enterprise, and live in the Victoria area, the perfect event may be coming up for you.

On Tuesday, March 22, at 5:30pm, Amazon’s Jeff Barr will be present at the University of Victoria campus to discuss Amazon Web Services from a technical and business point of view. After an introduction to the concept of cloud computing, Jeff will describe the principal Amazon Web Services including the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), the Simple Storage Service (S3), the Relational Database Service, and the AWS Elastic Beanstalk. The talk will include technical details, use cases, and demonstration.

The event is free for anyone to enter. For details or to register, send an email to VIJUG or go to their Facebook Event page.