An Augmented Fashion Reality


I am over the “Wow” factor, yes it’s amazing but let’s get back to the “real” reality.

According to the video only 3.57% visitors to online retailers make a purchase. This is quite low but will this technology really make that number increase? Perhaps.

The application appears to be limited; a t-shirt is a t-shirt, it will look good on any body type. What about a suit, collared shirt, dress or jacket? These more complicated pieces are very difficult to “try-on” in this way.

This technology is a good start and looks applicable for skinny teenage girls that are interested in short skirts and possibly t-shirt companies to gauge colour or collar style.

The conundrum of “trying-on” clothes online still has a long way to go especially when it comes to mimicking a fabric’s texture and the way it moves.

Check out the Zugara blog to see other Augmented Reality applications developed.

Do you know of any software applications that are built to mimic fabric texture and 3D clothing views that allow for fabric movement? Do you think augmented reality will do well in the world of online shopping?