An Evening of Green 2.0

Seems like everything today is followed by “2.o”. Heck, I use “PR 2.o” when I’m trying to explain blogger outreach and the difference between my traditional PR firm and my social media marketing firm. (I don’t use it with people in the know however!)

Tonight, Vancouver’s NetTuesdays featured An Evening of “Green” Web 2.0 at Workspace. This is one of the events that is part of the NetTuesday / NetSquared group of events and is sponsored by Communicopia, Workspace, and Write Image. Speakers included Darren Barefoot talking about DeSmogBlog, Rex from, Ron Williams from happyfrog and a surprise speaker in Owen, speaking for Earth Hour.

The event itself focused mostly on ways the web community has on sustainable movements and to find ways to use the web tools available to you to get your message out to the widest audience possible.

Darren Barefoot by Miss604I personally found Darren’s discussion about his client, DeSmogBlog and the tactics Capulet Communications had used to increase the site’s visitors. He discussed the ways they measured the effectiveness of all of the tactics used and found that overall, for them, Blog outreach and a flash game were some of the best ways to reach as many people as possible.

Overall, I found the evening interesting, but I think more companies need to be practicing sustainability, much like Ron from Happy Frog mentioned. “Think of happyfrog as the economic 100 mile diet.” That got me, and was enough to make me join the site as soon as I got home. Ron and his team will be at the EPIC expo (April 18-21) where they will have their own media team blogging and “pond”casting. I’m looking forward to helping the team out!

cropped version of a photo courtesy of Miss604 on flickr.