An interview with Michael Kadar of Vancouver’s Jared Company

Knowlton Thomas interviews Michael Kadar of The Jared Company.

“My brother Steve started this company in 2009,” Michael begins, “after he built his first BlackBerry application. Steve had a strong comfort programming for the BlackBerry and knew smart phone apps was a growth area in the tech industry.” From there, Jared Co. added several more programmers and expanded its products to other platforms.

“I decided to join Steve full time in the fall of 2009 to help build this company,” Michael recalls. “Our approach when developing apps is to make your smartphone better and to improve it’s functionality—to create real utility apps that serve a purpose.”

Why did the niche of smart phone apps appeal to Michael? ” The smart phone is the new laptop [or] PC,” Michael explains. “There is so much a user can now do with their smart phones. And that is increasing every day as manufacturers add more functionality and improve their operating systems for the devices.” He says of Jared Co., which is based out of Vancouver, “We are in the early stages of the total potential of smart phones, so it’s an exciting time.” 

The company has a second office in Montreal, but that’s as many offices as Jared Co. feels they need right now. “We are able to attract the talent we need to help us build our business in these locations, so a physical expansion is not something we have a need for at this time,” Michael explains. He adds, “We have plans to create more products for more platforms as we move forward, but we will remain focused on our goal of creating apps with purpose.”

Speaking of purpose, then, what are some of Jared Co.’s primary goals? “Our main goals are to continue to bring high-quality smartphone applications to market [and] to streamline our production process—from design, to build, to test, and then to market,” Michael says. “Another goal of ours is to increase and improve the number and quality of the distribution channels we use to get our apps on to people’s devices.”

Michael emphasizes quality, and the importance of meeting consumer needs. “We spend a lot of time with smart phone users, understanding their needs and trying to determine what ‘pain’ they have with their device,” he says. “Then we see if we can solve their problem with an application.” Michael adds that there is another area they work hard on. “Customer support. Smartphone users all have different levels of tech skills, and these devices are often complicated to use. So offering users friendly and timely support for our apps and for using their smartphone generally, I believe has helped us create brand loyalty with our customers.”