An Ultimate List: 5 hilariously unforgettable solutions for the Apple iPhone 4’s reception issues

ultimate list

In lieu of Steve Jobs offering free cases to iPhone 4 consumers, we believe these solutions are a little bit more appropriate – they match the ridiculousness of this debacle the Apple CEO has created for his company.

1. The retro-chic antenna

I’d like to see a hand grip that blocks this baby’s reception. Just watch how you shove it in your pocket.

2. When Apple makes a boo-boo, apply a band-aid

Or, in this case, an “antenn-aid.” (Did you catch the “case” pun too?) But, unlike a hardware revamp, this is merely a band-aid fix. Steve Jobs must have thought the old saying was, “If it’s broke, why fix it?” (This one is real, and purchasable on Etsy.)


3. Perfect grip standard with iHand

Are your fat fingers fudging up reception? Do you hold your hand like an awkward buffoon and consequently cut off important calls? Rely on this wooden beauty, specifically designed to grip your mobile device in the perfect way!

4. Another retro-styled solution

Remember when these were popular? Land-line receivers are now trendy add-ons to sleek, slender smartphones! Never touch the antenna again!


5. It’s not the phone, it’s you

If you like your iPhone just the way it is, but still don’t want reception issues, you’re running out of options. But there is still one path you can take…

hand stitch