And the second winner of a contract-free BlackBerry Bold 9780 is…

Throughout February, Best Buy Canada is running a promotion called Free Phone Fridays. Each Friday, for one day only, there is one phone per wireless carrier. This phone is free with a 3-year contract activation. Not a bad deal.

But Techvibes has connected with Best Buy to offer our own spin on Free Phone Fridays – one phone model, but no contract. That’s right. Choose any compatible carrier you want for a contract, swap the phone with your current phone under the same contract, or gift it to a friend or family member!

On Friday we offered a BlackBerry Bold 9780 – two of them, in fact. Valued at a whopping $500 apiece, these sleek stable beasts boast Wi-Fi and 3G, the new BlackBerry OS 6, a full keyboard, and all the classic features you’ve come to know and love from BlackBerry, like industry-leading email integration.

Well, nearly 300 people entered to win these two amazing smartphones. But there can only be two winners. So who will it be? By luck of the draw, the second winner of a contract-free BlackBerry Bold 9780 is…

Gord Forbes from Vancouver!

Congratulations, Gord. You will be contacted by email soon.

The second winner of our other BlackBerry Bold 9780 will be announced tomorrow. Good luck to all who entered.