And the winner of the Future Shop Dorm Entertainment Bundle is…

Over the weekend, Techvibes readers had the opportunity to enter to win an awesome, $500 Dorm Entertainment bundle courtesy of eletcronic retailer Future Shop.

Readers shared their best and worst back-to-school memories with us, and we enjoyed reading them.

There’s Julie, who peed her pants on her first day of Kindergarten because she didn’t like her outfit. (Diva, much, Julie? We jest.) And Jason, who met the girl of his dreams in school. And we can’t forget about Ashley, who hopped a fence to try and make it to class on time, only to rip her pants in the butt area. Poor you.

So who actually won this giveaway anyway? Well, we inserted all entries into our super-magical Techvibes Random Draw-o-Matic 2000 machine and the winner is…

Shawn Robert Harvey, an Ontario blogger who likes music and BlackBerrys.

Congratulations, Shawn! We will be in touch soon so you can collect your prize.