Android Market is Now Officially Called the ‘Google Play Store’

Google’s digital storefront, the Android Market, is being re-branded. The store, which sells mobile apps in addition to online content such as music and books, will now be called the “Google Play Store.”

We guess that’s why Google was snapping up “play” domains last week. Google says it’s making the change to clarify that the Android Market sells more than just Android apps, much like how iTunes sells so much more than iOS apps for iPhones and iPads.

“Some people see the Android icon on their home screen and they think it’s just for apps,” said Chris Yerga, engineering director for Android Digital Content, in an interview with Reuters yesterday. “Our goal with this is to bring more people to the store. Maybe that person who is an avid book reader or music purchaser now becomes aware of ‘Hey I can also get videos here, I can get games here.'”

Google first launched Android Market three and a half years ago. It boasts over 450,000 mobile apps.