59% of Android Users are Still Stuck Using an Operating System That’s Now Over Two Years Old

More than one million Android devices are activated per day. And while satisfaction rates aren’t as high as with Apple’s iPhone, most Android users do love their Google-made operating system.

But there remains one giant problem: most users don’t actually use the company’s most recent version of the software. In fact, recently updated numbers show that 59% of Android users are still using Gingerbread or older. For those who won’t know, Google released that iteration more than two years ago in December 2010.

It’s taken six months for 10% of users to adopt the company’s latest version of the mobile platform, Jelly Bean. To compare, Apple saw greater adoption than that during the first day of iOS 6 launching.

There is a lot to love about Android, but this issue isn’t one of them. Google needs to address the severe lack of support for older smartphone models that aren’t eligible for upgrades. Because that’s the point of improving your product if all your customers are stuck using its inferior predecessor?