Angel Forum Investor Choice Award winners announced

Just a quick post to wrap up the loose ends from Monday’s 24th Angel Forum in Vancouver. Overall, the day was a huge success and the Angels singled out the following companies in the Investor Choice Awards (award sponsors included):

  • Best Exhibitor (Province of BC, Investment Capital): Vineyard
  • Best Presentation (TSX Venture Exchange): Onrax
  • Company Most Likely to be Acquired (BDC Venture Capital): Pho3nix New Media
  • Best Pre-Revenue Company (PricewaterhouseCoopers): Pho3nix New Media
  • Company Most Likely to go Public (TSX Venture Exchange): General Bio Energy

Congratulations to all the winners! And for those of you who are looking for money for your own venture, the next Angel Forum will be in early 2009. Start polishing those pitches!