Angel Forum Market Research Workshop in two weeks

Last week a study study titled A Study of New Product Development in British Columbia – what separates product successes from product failures was published by Lyn Blanchard of Creekstone Consulting.

The study was supported by BC’s major technology associations – BCIC, BCTIA, ACETECH, DigiBC – and is based on surveys of 34 BC technology companies in ICT, Digital Media & Wireless.

The thrust of the report is that “the key difference between a successful technology product and an unsuccessful one is that a successful product is based on a deep understanding of customer needs and the market demand”.  The conclusion seem pretty obvious but BC’s tech startups should sit up and take notice.

Creekstone has partnered with the Angel Forum and on September 8th they’re delivering a Market Research Workshop for investors and entrepreneurs where key report findings will be discussed along with strategies to improve market research and customer validation.

The workshop will be led by Blanchard and includes a handful of other speakers that will share their expertise including John Hawkins of Telus Communications, Evi Mustel of Mustel Group Market Research, James Mazur of GoneFishing Consulting, Peter Payne of the BCTIA, and Selma Zafar of Open Road Communications.