Angel investors to hear pitches in the Dragons’ Den

The Halloween season is well upon us, and everyone’s becoming something they’re not — heck, even the angels are turning into dragons in Victoria.

That’s angel investors, I should say, and they are going to become panellists at a Dragons’ Den-style pitch session being held at the sixth Greater Victoria Angel Network Investors’ Forum.

The Forum, produced by the University of Victoria in conjunction with VIATeC, will feature nine pre-screened start-ups giving pitches. All the start-ups have previous experience with angels or have been in VIATeC’s Grow Op program. Five of them will give 12 minute presentations and answer a few questions. The next four will give short 5 minutes preview presentations. All the companies are seeking investments from $10,000–$100,000.

In the past five pitch sessions, nine of 29 companies have received offers from investors, of which two have been accepted —both valued at around $100,000. Eight others received valuable non-monetary contributions to their companies, in the form of advisors, mentors and board members.

The sixth Greater Victoria Angel Network Investors’ Forum  takes place November 3rd from 2–4:30 p.m. For more information on this event, contact Nichole Zurek of the University of Victoria Innovation and Development Corporation at 250.721.6095 or