Animated News Coming West

We have the evening news and 24 hour cable news, now let’s welcome animated news to the party. Next Media Animation Ltd, a company with offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong has brought animated news to people in Asia.

Next Media Animation Commercial Director Mark Simon was in Toronto Tuesday to talk about what they do and how they have found success. So what makes a publisher go from reporting the news to animating the news? Originally they wanted to drive more traffic to their site and when they started the animated news, traffic to their site jumped 33%.

Make no mistake, Next Media Ltd. started out as a news outlet first, as the publisher of the Apple Daily newspaper in Taiwan, one of their most successful. Animation came later as a way to get eyeballs and as in any news organization is driven by the editorial staff. They consider it a tool that can get people interested in coming to their site and see the news. One of their videos during the Tiger Woods scandal late last year went viral and drove traffic to their site from all around the globe.

They are capable of producing 8-9 minutes of animation a night through motion capture technology and started to offer their experience to clients after seeing finding success themselves. The reason they decided to focus on news was because the news is constant, there is always something to cover every day.

Traffic accidents and politics work well in the Taiwan market as animated news but many other stories will not work using this format and each market will be different. They have so successful with animated news themselves they are turning it into a business from the process itself.

They work on contract, do one off projects and do it for clients where the animated footage becomes a part of their media services. They have done work for Reuters and Turner Broadcasting already, while this is new territory, it has proven successful in Asia and maybe Canada is next.

Below is the Tiger Woods video that put them on the map. For more animated news click here to see their youtube channel or click here to see the report that CNN did on Next Media and its founder Jimmy Lai.