Anonymous Twitter User Exposes Secrets About Vic Toews, the Controversial Bill Champion

An anonymous Twitter user has turned the tabled on Vic Toews, the Public Safety Minister who has championed the highly controversial Bill C-30. The bill, which will empower police with “lawful access” to personal data, has been flamed by Canadians who are concerned that it will erode their privacy and enable the government to spy on citizens through the internet. Now, Twitter user @vikileaks30 is releasing personal information about Vic.

With a bio reading, “Vic wants to know about you. Let’s get to know about Vic,” Vikileaks30 has been leaking affidavits from the minister’s divorce case, among other tidbits. Vic, through a spokesman, said that he will not “get involved in this kind of gutter politics” because “engaging in or responding to this kind of discussion leads nowhere.”

Vikileaks30 already has well over 2,000 followers after just 50 tweets. Among the tweets are ones that suggest Vic exploits his government position, such as claiming “the maximum allowable in ‘per diems’ for food ($83.30 per day) because no receipts are required,” as well as ones about an affair he had on his wife with a mistress.

Photo: CBC