Another Innovator from the Canadian Innovation Exchange

GlassBox TV was another of the 20 companies chosen to be one of the most innovative companies by the Canadian Innovation Exchange. Glassbox TV’s Co-CEO Raja Khanna wanted to make a media company that as relevant to the new consumer specifically those 18-34 years. These are people who have lived in the digital age and whose media consumption habits differ from previous generations.

Raja thinks that for many in this age group there is “no relevant content on television.” Glassbox TV is about content that can go from one platform to another. They understand that this group do not just consume media they are also create it. Glassbox TV provides this group with better tools to create great content and will help them promote and distribute it to any platform.

Glassbox TV is also the owner of BITE Television which is Canada’s first interactive television station. It is made up of the funny, irreverent and sometimes crazy and this is the type of station that welcomes the participation of the audience. So Raja and Glassbox TV are pioneering the future of TV, where it is going and how it will be used and seen in this new digital age.