Letter to the Government: It’s Anti-Canadian to Let Verizon Have an Advantage Over Domestic Telcos

A 68-year-old grandmother has written a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Minister of Industry James Moore on why she finds their approach to Verizon’s potential entry into Canada’s wireless market rather unpatriotic.

Here’s the full letter from the self-described “proud Canadian” (lightly edited for clarity):

Dear Prime Minister and Hon. James Moore:

Please explain why you would prefer to give 700MHz wave lengths to Verizon, a foreign company and prevent Canadian companies access to bid on the 700 MHz?    

The advantage of the 700 MHz spectrum is that the signals travel longer distances than the higher frequencies used by many other wireless systems. Networks using this spectrum require fewer cell towers to reach the same geographic area. In addition, like TV broadcasting, signals in this spectrum penetrate walls easily.  Why would you prevent Canadian companies access to this 700 MHz spectrum? 

There is a long term damage which your federal policy is implementing with Verizon which will become apparent in years to come. Can you vision that what you are doing will affect the future of Canada for the grand children? You need to act wisely now.

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In addition, Canadian personal data will end up in the hands of US Intelligence for sure.

Aren’t these things important to you and your government?

I agree that the PM and James Moore want to see lower prices and better services for Canadians. This should be your focus to solve and not solving it by bringing in Verizon. I agree that the three telecom companies need be more aware of the needs of Canadians and make this their top priorty. But does this mean that the PM and Hon. James Moore should destroy the three telecom companies and their shareholders?  

The focus of the government should be to work with the three telecom companies about the concerns of Canadians. But to solve the problem by bringing in Verizon to Canada is the same as bringing in Putin because Canadians are complaining about the PM and so many issues including selling out Canada. 

To create rules that will allow one of the United States largest providers to come in and have an upper hand over Canadian companies IS A NO NO. It is great to have competition but regulation should not be anti-Canadian. This is anti-canadian. PM and James Moore, do you in your heart really care about Canada and Canadians?  Please look within yourself and be honest with this question. This is breaking my heart and bringing tears to my eyes. As a Granny, I see every day the demise of this beautiful Country. Is this good governance? The government of the day keeps tinkering with the rules to suit themselves?

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Verizon will pay NO taxes here in Canada for 100 years. They will rip all the profits out.

How come a foreign company can buy a Canadian company and a Canadian company cannot buy a Canadian company? This is confusing to me.

Competition is good. Giving a foreign company an unfair advantage over Canadian companies is not good and fair.

Allowing bigger players from the U.S. to have no comparable competition in Canada for the bidding of two of the four broadcast wave lengths available in the 700 MHz spectrum is not in our best interest. The 700 MHz specimen is important because it has better penetration into buildings etc…

What assurances does Canada and Canadians have to the security and privacy of phone and internet use that passes through US corporations and/or infrastructure?

PM and Hon. James Moore, I urge you to please re-consider and carefully take another look at this.  

Help Canada and Canadians.


Granny D

A Proud Canadian who has Bell Internet and Rogers Phone and Cable.

Do you agree with this letter—is the government handling this situation in an “anti-Canadian” manner?

Photo: CBC