App Prepping for SXSW

Getting ready for SXSW isn’t just about training your liver to go into overdrive and practising you Katy Perry Karaoke dance moves in front of the mirror. It’s about reading up on all the cool apps so you know what’s happening, where. Here are a few that I’m getting excited about:

Hashable – I hate to be the “everybody’s talking about it” person, but really, everyone is. What can you do with it? Tagging where and how you meet people is pretty powerful. So is sharing that information with all of your friends. Potentially you can ditch some business cards and keep track of your new contacts through Hashable. 

Beluga – Group Messaging made easy. I’ll be honest, I’ve never set up group text messaging on my phone, because it’s a hassle. How is Beluga different? You can set up pods and everyone in the pod can receive messages, updates and photos. A great idea for meeting up with your team, getting your crew together for lunch, or working the party scene.

Yobongo – This iPhone app let’s you chat with people near by. You don’t need to find your friends or follow people, you just get connected to the conversation that’s happening around you. If it takes off, we see it as a new back channel for every panel, presentation or speaker at SXSW. They are currently in private beta, so you’ll have to request an invite.

Are you headed to SXSW? What are you looking forward to?