Apple announces annual Worldwide Developers Conference

Macbook keyboard

Apple today announced this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in San Francisco which will be held in it’s typical location of Moscone West June 7th through to 11th.  For developer’s it’s always a good chance to get some idea of what Apple has up their sleeves for the next year, and to attend sessions where they can get more familiar with Apple’s various operating systems for which they’ll be programming with.

Included in this year’s schedule will be…

Who am I kidding?  While the conference will be of definite interest to developers of Mac, iPhone and iPad applications, the real public interest will be on the likely announcement of the next generation of iPhone.  While the newest iPhone has been all over the tech media because of the Gizmodo affair, nobody is actually sure what it’s going to have. 

Back to the actual development bit of the developers’ conference John Gruber of Daringfireball, one of the most informed Apple watchers on the Internet, notes that:

The focus is heavily iPhone OS centric. There are some Mac OS X developer sessions and labs, but not many. (Translation: Mac OS X 10.7 is not going to be announced this year.) The IT track appears to be gone. Looking at the session list, one could argue that this year’s WWDC is an iPhone OS developers conference, not an Apple developers conference. Look no further than this year’s Apple Design Awards, which will only honor iPhone and iPad apps — no category for Mac apps.

I think I’ve bought one application for my Macbook all year, while I seem to buy at least one every week for my iPhone.  It’s clear that while Apple continues to sell more Macs than ever before, the real momentum is with the mobile devices including the iPad.