Apple App Store Reaches 50 Billion Downloads

Apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store a combined 50 billion times as of today.

The app store launched less than five years ago in July 2008. Approximately 10 billion apps have been downloaded since January alone. The store’s last major celebrated milestone was at 25 billion downloads in March 2012. The rate of downloads has been steadily increasing: it took nine months to reach the first billion downloads in the beginning, a number it now reaches in just a couple of weeks.

Google’s Play Store, which now has a similar number of apps to the App Store, hit 25 billion downloads in September 2012. As of today, it’s around 48 billion, not far behind.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone celebrated one billion downloads in February, while BlackBerry World reached three billion downloads last year.

Apple plans to give away a $10,000 app store gift card to whoever downloaded the 50 billionth app.