Apple becomes #1 distributor of smartphones

iphone #1Apple has now become the largest smartphone distributor in terms of revenue and profit — a claim that was recently confirmed by IDC’s own industry report.

Apple claimed 19.1% of the overall market with 106.5 million smartphones in the second quarter. Samsung (16.2%), now the second largest smartphone distributor also managed to edge out Nokia (15.7), which previously ranked highest. Although Apple came out on top for the first time, Nokia still holds the record for most units shipped in a single quarter with 28.1 million.

According to the IDC report, the smartphone market grew 65.4% as a whole compared to last year’s second quarter. The growth was generally in line with their forecast of 67.4%.

Apple’s distribution network features 200 carriers in more than 200 countries. This combined with its “increased manufacturing capacity and solid demand within emerging and developed markets from both consumers and business users,” is according to the IDC, what accounts for the boost in sales.

The distrobution of smartphones isn’t the only place where Apple is seeing success. According to a study by Jumptap, Apple’s iOS platform also has 33% of the mobile operating system market — compared to Android’s 38%.